Tom Quayle: Dreadbox KomoRebi Analogue Chorus/Flange Pedal Review

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Komorebi is a directly untranslatable Japanese word that describes the feeling when sunlight shines through the leaves of a tree. Dreadbox, the Athens based boutique electronics manufacturer have looked to spread some light on a type of hybrid unit that may become the future of effects processors. Previously DJ's, Synth enthusiasts and Guitarists have had to shop in different locales for the same equipment. Dreadbox has realised all musicians look for effects to have the same application which is to modulate sound. Yannis the co-founder of Dreadbox started out making guitar effects pedals and has since moved into the world of analogue synth. The Komorebi is the fruition of both of these worlds, a chorus/flanger pedal that can be patched into a modular synth rig.

Dreadbox KomoRebi Analogue Chorus/Flange Pedal Review