Andrei Kaptsiuh: Mars: Mindless Conquest new album Maladzyechna, Belarus

Mars: Mindless Conquest
by Andrei Kaptsiuh

1.Exploring: Long Trip to Red Planet 04:38
2.Terraforming: Nuclear Impact 03:46
3.Heating: Orbital Mirrors 04:30
4.Isolation: Losing the Outside World 01:40
5.Hydrodynamic: Unstable Atmospheric Balance 03:18
6.Cyanobacterium: Conversion of Carbon Dioxide 03:14
7.Microgravity: Reduction of Muscle Mass 04:10
8.Proximity: Time of Great –°onfrontation 01:33
9.Perpetuity: Embrace of Solar Winds 03:36

Composed by Andrei Kaptsiuh.

I want to thank these people: Dmitry Fomich and Alexander Turovec.
released October 19, 2018