Virgil Donati: The Making of Ruination - packed full of great music

Virgil Donati’s new album ‘Ruination’ will be released in the Summer of 2019.

Throughout the video, as you witness the recording process, you will get to preview some of the tracks, at various stages of development…

“It was early November 2018, and I had just returned from a long year on the road.
I felt a strong urge to lock myself in the studio, to produce new music.
I had decided to devote the next 7 months to making it happen. There are no shortcuts when making a new record, and I’m not good friends with compromise… so knowing there was a window of time, on the second day back home, I sat at my piano and computer, with a cup of hot tea, and struck the first note.

When creating new music, you really have to dig deep. You always hope for those moments when the unexpected happens, those elements of surprise, but there’s also the potential for failure…and you keep grinding away, keep putting in the effort, until you make it manifest. That’s what happens when you explore new possibilities, when you take chances. As I started writing, I realized this record was going to take some diverse turns, and that was the path I wanted the music to head in. The journey begins with one note, one lyric, one beat of a drum, and grows from there. It’s quite remarkable.
The other important factor, is the cast of musicians… on this video, you’ll be witnessing some of the outstanding talent appearing on this record, who were able to pull off some of the challenging playing I was demanding of them. The rhythm section on many of the tracks includes members I’ve been touring with for the last couple years, André Nieri, guitar, and Junior Braguinha, bass, and the list of other musicians includes on Bass: Evan Marien and Anton Davidyants, Guitars: Julian Lage, Marco Sfogli, Carl Mörner Ringström, Matteo Mancuso, Irwin Thomas, Keyboards: Chris Clark, Joe Chindamo, Steve Hunt, Alex Argento, Vocals: Irwin Thomas

Evan Marien - ‘If There Were Nothing’ 2:26
Andre Nieri - ‘The Craic’ 3:27
Anton Davidyants “and I love this pressure” - ‘The Craic’ 4:29
The Australian Sessions 5:18
‘Back To Me’ 5:50
Reamping 6:18
Carl Mörner Ringström - ‘Pinprick’ 8:48
Irwin Thomas 9:35
Irwin - tracking guitar 11:23
Joe Chindamo - 12:51
Irwin - Vocals - ‘The Last Night That I Lived’ 14:45
Junior Braguinha - ‘Out Of The Dirt’ 16:25
Julian Lage - ‘Eleven Pt.2’ 17:28
Matteo Mancuso - ‘If There Were Nothing’ 18:24
Chris Clark - ‘Castle Bastards’ 19:22
Virgil Donati - ‘Eleven Pt.2’ 21:24

The Making of Ruination