Jeff Young: Short Attention Span Shred Guitar Theater + Pentatonics Revolutionized

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this video, is an example of a typical daily warm-up with varying dynamics
i'm playing a new Dean Dime CFH guitar
(still has the 10-46 factory strings but has been intonated)
i'm playing through a battery powered Pignose Amp #pignoseamps
with low Volume & ZERO effects. #doitRAW

All melodic motifs shown here use only the basic 5-note Pentatonic pattern - mostly REMAPPED SHAPE 2 but i also incorporate a bit of SHAPES 1 & 3 during certain improvisation passages.

Video yourself when trying to play up & down using the
"old-fashioned" Pentatonic approach & listen back for an
honest vantage of where your "chops" are today...

Short Attention Span Shred Guitar Theater Presents: "Ride Like The Wind" - Jeff Young

Jeff Young - PENTATONICS REVOLUTIONIZED: Shape 2 Remapped (warm ups 3/5/20) #supedupBLUES