Alex Lifeson: Will we ever hear "Save my ship of freedom I'm lashed helpless to the mast" again in a live concert?!?

You celebrated your 30th anniversary with the covers album, 'Feedback'. Have you thought how you'll celebrate your 40th next year?
We'll do a special tour and we'll look closely at some of the songs we haven't played for a long, long time. As for a new record we haven't really thought that far ahead yet.

Would 'The Fountain of Lamneth' be in contention for that tour?
That might be stretching it a bit. That's no comment about the 'Caress of Steel' record. I hear things that we are embarrassed about that record but I'm very proud of it. It was a major stepping stone for us. It's a very youthful record but we were barely twenty years old at the time. There's some good playing on it and some good arrangements, but it doesn't mean we want to play much stuff off it.