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We can't express enough how excited we are to be offering this huge Guitar Lesson Package featuring the great Allen Hinds.

Allen is one of the most sought after Guitar Teachers at the famed Musicians Institute (GIT). He is one of those guys that has the most amazing Guitar Tone ... plays some of the most tasteful Riffs / Licks/ Phrases ... and then completely blows your mind with his untouchable and super smooth Legato Licks.

If you are not familiar with Allen Hinds ... He has studied with some of the greatest Guitar Players out there from Robben Ford to Scott Henderson to Joe Pass. He has been an Instructor at Musicians Institute ever since he Graduated there himself with Honors (on a side note ... he was admitted to MI after winning a scholarship based on his playing ... yes, he was that good even before attending GIT). :)

Allen has built part of his reputation from his ultra slick Legato Technique ... ala Allan Holdsworth. He is not shy to admit the heavy influence Allan Holdsworth has had on his playing ... and while on occasion playing some Licks that sound similiar to Holdsowrth ... Allen has discovered his very own unique and unmistakable voice on the Guitar.

This Package that we are offering here is filled with hours of Guitar Instruction from Allen Hinds ... where he shows you how he goes about Phrasing and coming up with Licks. He also talks about how he develops Motifs and how he goes about exploring Licks and Ideas to come up with a bunch of new Ideas. And of course he dives into how he developed his super smooth Legato Technique.

This Lesson Package came about from a Guitar Solo that Allen had played at the famous Baked Potato. It was one of those moments caught on Video where a great guitar player was in "the Zone". Every note he played had meaning ... all the Phrases he played served purpose to the Phrases that followed. He began the solo with some simple Bluesy Ideas ... while exploring a single Motif. Allen then moved into some ear grabbing Diminished Licks. These are not your normal Diminished Pattern Licks ... these are Licks that you (if you're anything like myself) are going to be smiling after you hear and dying to Learn (at least that was my experience).

Throughout the rest of this almost 4 minute masterpiece of a Guitar Solo ... Allen dazzles us with Amazingly fast Legato Licks that are so much more then just running up and down scales ... they are phrased beautifully. This solo is also an incredible demonstration on how to play Dynamically and how to build a Solo that draws the Listener in and keeps them hanging on every note that is played.

I'm not trying to over sell this Guitar Solo that Allen played ... this is just the effect it had on me when I heard it for the first time. It really contains so many great Concepts, Ideas, Phrases and Licks that I knew If I could get Allen to agree, it would make for a very special Guitar Lesson Experience.

Thankfully Allen agreed and what came about was something we are extremely proud of here at

In this first Guitar Lesson Package that we are offering here on ... you'll get hours of video with Allen Teaching and explaining every aspect of his playing ... you also get additional hours of video with myself teaching and expanding and diving even further into the ideas and Licks Allen shows. You also get the complete and accurate Notation and Tab meticulously worked out by Carl Culpepper (who has transcribed many books for Hal Leonard, Cherry Lane and other top publishing companies).

We're not kidding when we say this Guitar Lesson Package is filled with Loads of Ideas, Licks and Concepts that will keep you busy for months if not years. I broke this 4 minute Guitar Solo into 25 unique Ideas and presented Allen with each one ... with that as the outline for this Guitar Lesson ... he proceeded to explain and explore each Concept for your enjoyment and Learning.

So we hope you agree with us on how amazing this Lesson Package is .... and you head over to to pick up your copy Now.

We've worked really hard the last few months to put this Package together and we think you are going to Learn so much more then you could expect to Learn from a single Guitar Lesson Package.

Please help spread the word about what we are offering here ... the more of you that Buy a copy ... the more we will be able to bring you future Packages with Allen and some of your other Favorite Guitar Players.

As always we thank you for your support and look forward to hearing what you think about this Allen Hinds Guitar Lesson Package.

Guitar Lesson Taught by Allen Hinds & David Clayton