Pamela Moore: Talk In The Shadows show announced

"Talk In The Shadows" Listeners: Mark your calendars for our "Talk In The Shadows" show with Pamela Moore on Sunday, July 7th from 10pm - 12am Eastern Standard Time! You won't want to miss this one! Make sure to RSVP to our Facebook event link below, so we know you will be joining us:

Many metal fans know her as "Suite Sister Mary" from the Queensr├┐che albums, Operation:Mindcrime I & II (and she most recently sang on the new Queensr├┐che song, "A World Without."). Pamela Moore has an unmistakably haunting voice that you won't soon forget once you've heard her sing and her stage presence is unmatched. Not only is she very talented and beautiful, but she is even more beautiful and spiritual on the inside. I have been very blessed to have known Pamela through the years as a performer and friend and I can tell you that our interview, which will air on this show, was more like two friends getting together to chat about music over coffee than a typical stuffy interview. She is very warm and genuine and anyone who speaks with her feels that instantly.

This past year has been both very exciting and busy for Pamela. After working four, long years on her new album, "Resurrect Me," it was finally ready for release this past May 14th. And believe me, it was well worth the wait! This release is her best yet and I will also be reviewing it during this show, as well. If you haven't already, please pick it up. You will be glad you did! It totally ROCKS!

Please join us on Sunday, July 7th, as we not only review Pamela's new CD and share my interview with her, but as a surprise guest, her sister, Aury Moore, who also did backing vocals on her album, will be sharing some stories of growing up with Pamela. It will definitely be a great time! And if you live in the Seattle area or want to travel there, Pamela will be having a special show at Louie G's, Saturday, July 13th from 7pm-12am PST, where she will be playing the new material with several special guest musicians.

Sunday, July 7th, 2013...

10pm - 12am Eastern Standard Time
9pm - 11pm Central Standard Time
8pm - 10pm Mountain Standard Time
7pm - 9pm Pacific Standard Time

Here's the link to the show when it comes time to listen in and join us in chat:

Pamela Moore: Resurrect Me

Sonic Cathedral Interview 

So far, what are the stand-out tracks for you? Which songs off Resurrect Me would you consider to be those that best represent the album as a whole?

Pamela: All the songs have their own character while staying in that “power metal” vein, except for maybe the song “Breaking Down”. That one has a very emotional “less is more” approach, which is very effective when up against the angst! Honestly, I am fond of all the songs on the CD. That said, at this moment in time, I really love “Awakening”. Jeff Loomis [formerly of Nevermore] is the featured soloist on that song, and his lead catapults the listener out of a calming groove into a chaotic out-of-control ending. It gives me chills. The song also seems to be a perfect blend of all [the] musical sides of the album. Then there is “Sky is Falling”, a song I share vocally with Mr. Ralf Scheepers [of Primal Fear]. He really added a lot of muscle to that song; just what it needed! The harmonies are intricate and juicy. “Resurrect Me”, “Paranoia”…damn, I don’t know…I love them all!