Isao Fujita,Onuma Ai,Nagasaki Sachiko: Zonk-Monk awesome JFusion band returns - i'm moving to Japan right away!!

Performed by zonk-Monk with ISAO

ISAO Music by

2013.5.12 @ Silver elephant collaboration Prince of Makai, and ISAO Mister! ! That I am allowed done a kaleidoscope of familiar even Spark7! ! Evil from 1st sound! Transcendence Makai strange time! Enjoy!

To 2013.5.12 (sun) , 4 anniversary live zonk-monk was held at Kichijoji Silver Elephant. And I received for joining us ISAO's guitarist, the kingdom fields Daisuke as a special guest was. This video is one frame in 2nd set, of zonk-monk with ISAO. From left (org & key) Onuma Ai (drums) Kei Takada Satoru ISAO (gt) Nagasaki Sachiko (org & key) zonk-Monk Http://Zonkmonk3.Yangotonaki.Com/ ISAOHttp://Ameblo.Jp/isaospark7-b /

Zonk-Monk: Disorder-out of the cosmos

kaleidoscope/ISAO (performed by zonk-monk with ISAO)

into the twilight (zonk-monk with 國田大輔)

flow of time (zonk-monk with 國田大輔)

disorder〜out of the cosmos〜 (zonk-monk with 佐々木秀尚 and 後藤貴徳)