Sir X: March Of Carvins - X-Mann & The King Slayers

Sir X of Mann & The King Slayers - Present - "March of Carvins"

This song was inspired from my LOVE of Carvin Guitars & the HBO Series Game of Thrones.

I wrote the first 3/4 of this song & got some help on the keyboards from Djentleman from the Carvin Guitar Forum......Along w/ Arahobob who wrote the Heavy Outro Riff that we all Shred over........

ALL of the killer bass parts are from my boy "Q" (aka Catman10) & he's an amazing Carvin Bass player too!!!!

ALL of the guitars used where custom created by the Carvin guitar company!

No animals were hurt during this recording in any way, shape or form!

This might be the first (or last) time that the Eleven Rack, Axe Fx II & a POD HD500 got along SO well too!!!!!! :)

Go over to & check them out! This is the BEST guitar I've EVER owned & I've had a few too!!!!!

Peace! X-Mann

March Of Carvins - X-Mann & The King Slayers