Michael Wilton, Pamela Moore: Todd La Torre fronted Queensryche - Suite Sister Mary 2013 - awesome performance

From the 2013 CD release party at the Crocodile in Seattle. on 6/26/2013

The ONLY Song I recorded from the show, and I did it on my iphone, not my normal cameras. This was SERIOUSLY one of the best concerts I have ever been to! All rights go to the band. I have to thank them for being my friends, Thank you to the incredible Pamela Moore as well! I hope you all enjoy this. and be on the lookout for something NEW coming soon. :) Watch this at 1080p if you can!

Queensryche w/ Pamela Moore "Suite Sister Mary" 2013

Queensryche - Suite Sister Mary w/ Pamela Moore - The Crocodile - Seattle 06.26.13