Wagner Gracciano: Across the Universe

Gracciano Wagner, Brazilian guitarist, would like to present to you his first solo guitar. It has a lot of rock, jazz, fusion, progressive, and lots of guitar.



Wagner Gracciano - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Synths, Programms, Samplers and Percussion
Marcelo Rodriguez - Piano, Organ Hammond, Rhodes, Synths, Samplers and Programs
Alex Parr - Piano, Programms and Samplers
Henrique Reis - Piano
Roberto Milazzo - Bass
Bruno Rejan - Bass
Guilherme Santana - Drums
Adhemar Rocha - Vocals
Roberta Gleyce - Vocals
Foka - Sax
Manassés Aragão - Trumpet
Luiz Fagner - Trombone

Production - Wagner Gracciano (accept As a Prayer - Marcelo Rodriguez and Wagner Gracciano, is Ato 1 - Overture - Emanuel Gomes and Wagner Gracciano)

Mixing and Master - Adair Daufembach (accept Ato 1 - Overture, Mixing - Alex Parr)
Across the Universe - Wagner Gracciano