Jeff Loomis: guitar world dvd

Jeff Loomis get his own guitar world dvd

The Guitar Heroes DVD content includes:
Basic Studies to Build Chops

* Warm-Up Exercises
* Scale Studies
* Economy Picking
* Sweep Picking
* Sweep Picking with Fretboard Tapping
* Diminished/Dominant 7th Sweeps

Heavy Riffs

* The Importance of Writing
* “Shouting Fire at a Funeral” Intro & Verse
* “Jato Unit” Intro
* “Devil Theory” Intro
* “I, Voyager” Intro & Verse
* Pedaling Off the Low B String: “Inside Four Walls” and “Enemies of Reality”


* B Phrygian Dominant (Fifth Mode of E Harmonic Minor): “Shouting Fire at a Funeral” Solo Excerpt
* B Phrygian (C Lydian)/B Phrygian Dominant: “Jato Unit” Solo Excerpt
* “Warped” A Blues Scale: “Jato Unit” Solo Excerpt
* B Aeolian: “Devil Theory” Solo Excerpt


* “Miles of Machines” Intro
* “Jato Unit” Solo Excerpt
* “Devil Theory” Solo Excerpt


* “Devil Theory” Solo Excerpt
* “Jato Unit” Solo Excerpt

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Guitar DVD presents: Super Shred Guitar: Master Class

Super Shred Guitar: Master Class is the first instructional DVD with Nevermore's epic shredder Jeff Loomis, covering a variety of topics including warm-up exercises, scale studies, economy picking, sweep picking, diminished / dominant 7th sweeps, writing heavy riffs, "warped" a blues scale, modes & arpeggios, and much more!