Michael Angelo Batio: guitar world dvd

Michael Angelo Batio

In the ultimate DVD guide Learn Shred Guitar, speed king Michael Angelo Batio demonstrates secret techniques to help you kick-start your solos, tackle super scales, play faster and become a speed king! With more than 90 minutes of lessons and hundreds of exercises, the Learn Shred Guitar DVD will take your guitar playing and soloing to the next level.

The Learn Shred Guitar DVD will teach you:
* The Ultimate Warm-Up
* Harmonic Minor/Phrygian Dominant in Odd Meter
* Incorporating Sweeps into Melodic Ideas.
* Prog: Soloing in F-Sharp Phrygian
* Scalar Riffs: Dividing Scalar Runs into Three-Note Groups
* Sweep Picking: Using Sweeps in Conjunction with Arpeggiated Melodic Ideas
* Using Wide Stretches with Unusual Scales and String Skipping
— The Whole-Tone Scale
— Diminished Arpeggios
* Tapped Riffs Incorporating String Skipping
* Tapped Riffs Executed as Sweeps
— Alternative Minor and Major Sweep Arpeggios
— The Randy Rhoads Influence
* How to Break Out of a Rut
* Symmetrical Riffs with Wide Stretches
* How to Create Harmonized Lines: Stacking “Thirds”

Learn Shred Guitar Ultimate DVD Guide