Paul Gilbert,Andy Timmons,Mimi Fox,Scotty Johnson,Tony Spinner,Adam Fulara: Great Guitar Camp 2013, still some tickets left.

Gilbert's webmaster has issued the following update:

"The Great Guitar Escape not only features world-class guitar workshops during the day, but once-in-a-lifetime concerts every night! The setlists have just been completed and there is going to be some stunning performances and jams from Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Mimi Fox, Scotty Johnson, Tony Spinner, and Adam Fulara. Kelly LeMieux will be playing bass, and Rodney Holmes will be playing drums. Every seat in the house is up-close and personal. Paul Gilbert says, 'As July gets closer and closer, I start to get really excited about this camp. There is enough guitar power here to light up a city! There will be so many interesting musical combinations in the jams, and everyone has so much to teach as well. It's going to be awesome!'

It's coming down to the wire to sign up! Visit to register.

Paul Gilbert - Great Guitar Camp 2013