Christie Lenée: Evolution -Tapping Fingerstyle Guitar

"Evolution"- New Age percussive guitar tapping and fingerstyle guitar, one of three movements of a longer symphonic composition. If you've seen older videos of the piece, you'll notice how the song has naturally "evolved" over time (hence the name), including more drumming on the guitar and the foot stomp in middle tapping section. This is closer to the version on the upcoming album "Chasing Infinity," which can be heard on the website . Hope to see you out there on the road! - *Christie Lenée Live at Steve's Live Music Sandy Springs, GA 7/17/13. © 2013 All Rights Reserved, Protected by ASCAP

"Evolution" - Christie Lenee - Tapping Fingerstyle Guitar - Acoustic

Christie Lenée Acoustic Duo with Chris LeFevre on bass, Performing "Take a Chance"- Live house concert in Galloway, NJ August 9th, 2013. **Note: The flanger effect on my guitar is not usual... we were still getting familiar with this sound system at the beginning of the show. But I still fell in love with the subwoofer. :) © 2011 Christie Lenée, All Rights Reserved, Protected by ASCAP

"Take a Chance" - House Concert - Christie Lenee Live