Chelsea Constable: The Last Rock and Roll Star - Paul Gilbert's killer solo played and explained

Chelsea Constable: First off, I would like to express my thanks to Gibson Guitars for using my Solo Lesson Series on their social networks. My Solo Lesson Series consists of breaking down popular solo's quick and effectively, hopefully to help players get an insight of certain phrasings of some of their favorite solo's/artist's. I didn't touch on any theory mainly to keep it quick and simple. All riff's/solo's are purely my interpretation of some of my favorite artists/solo's. I truly hope that they are helpful and useful in your own playing. Hopefully, within the next year, I will touch on several of your favorite players.

Gear used - Gibson L6S Limited Edition Electric Guitar - Amp - David Bray 4550 (awesome work Dave!), StoneAge Custom Cab loaded with Celestion Heritage Series G12M's. All cables used Accusound, Mics -
Heil PR30 and PR40, DiMarzio Pickups with GHS Strings (10-46)

Backing Tracks were created by Chelsea Constable (all guitars and bass) and a sincere thank you to Charles "Frog" Nelms for the awesome drum playing!

The Last Rock and Roll Star