David Locke: Riding Out Youth - the first solo album

David Locke:  Riding Out Youth
1. Riding Out Youth 07:03
2. Code 06:00
3. A Glimpse 05:29
4. Untitled 01:49
5. Thoughts 04:10
6. Elements 04:58
7. Tomorrow, Today 03:37
8. Colour Concepts 05:23
9. Dreaming (Album Version) 03:36
10. Mind Matter 04:20

This is my first, official Album. It's a journey through my life, with songs written over the years, now re-worked and recorded over the past 9 months. From Progressive to more subtle styles, there is something for most music lovers to appreciate. I would like to thank everybody who has supported me throughout the years, and I hope I've made them proud.

released 01 November 2013
I'd like to thank Gavin Coulson at Fret-King Guitars for endorsing me and providing me with such great instruments to express myself with. Also I'd like to thank Ian Maynard for the Artwork and promo shots. Thanks also goes to Josh Guyan for his inspirational chord work in Riding Out Youth.

I'm using Hughes & Kettner Amps and my Kemper Profiling Amp throughout the Album. Guitar=wise, most solo tracks come courtesy of my Fret-King Eclat or Fret-King Corona 60 Stvdio. All the 7 String Rhythm guitars were performed on an Ibanez Universe, and using the Kemper. Brief encounters of the acoustic kind come via my Takamine (I forget the model).

All instruments are performed by myself. I'm using a Vintage V10004B Bass guitar through a SansAmp Bass Driver DI and a Yamaha MM6 for keyboard/piano and synth sounds. I programmed the Drum tracks. I recorded and produced this using Pro Tools 10.