Joey Tafolla: two guitars for sale.

Epiphone 1970's Crestwood ET
Joey Tafolla
Doing some "Spring Cleaning"! If anyone is interested in these guitars let me know - a Late 80's ESP M-1 Custom and Epiphone 1970's Crestwood ET

ESP M-1 Custom

Hey guys! Cleaning out the studio - I have way too much stuff in here!

1. TC Electronics Vintage delay-List: $545/Sell $280/ New in box
2. Mark Tremonti Wah-Sell: $95 New in box
3. Boss EQ 20 graphic equalizer–List: $299/Sell $160/ New in box
4. Heil Talk Box – List: $300/Sell $160–New, never used w/o box
5. English Muff’n tube distortion–List $290/Sell $140/New w/o box
6. Tone Bone tube overdrive-List: $275/Sell: $140/New in box
7. Line 6 distortion Modeler–List: $349/Sell $140/New in box
8. Ibanez Tube King distortion–List: $249/Sell $120/New in box
9. Boss GT-8. $120 New w/o box
11. Boss ME 25. $120 New in box
12. BBE Green Screamer overdrive–List: $149/Sell: $75/New in box
13. Double Trouble–List: $222/Sell $120/New in box
14. Big Muff – Sell $50 New in box
15. BBE Sonic Stomp, Sonic Maximizer pedal-$50 New in box
16. Aphex Factory Punch optical compressor–List: $99/Sell $50
17. Son of Hyde distortion pedal–List: $148/ Sell $70 New in box
18. Digitech RP 7 valve- $65 used
19. Boss CE-3 chorus – $45 used
20. MXR Full Bore metal pedal – $60 used
21. Vox Volume pedal V850, 250k audio taper – $60 New w/o box
22. Dunlop volume pedal – $85 New in box