Jonas Hörnqvist: New guitar book out "Soloing techniques for electric guitar"!

Jonas Hörnqvist:"Soloing techniques for electric guitar"!

My first guitar book is now available through Melbay in the USA.
The title is ""Soloing techniques for electric guitar"". The book is full of shred playing :)

If you want to learn modern guitar soloing techniques used by legendary guitarists such as Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Alexi Laiho, Kirk Hammett, Al Di Meola, Eddie Van Halen and others, this is the book for you. Soloing Techniques for Electric Guitar comes with accompanying audio and includes 14 extensive chapters. Topics include:

Which pick works best

  • Fingerings
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Muting techniques
  • Single-string exercises
  • Different rhythmic grouping
  • Octave licks String skipping.
  • How to embellish diatonic scales with chromatics
  • Pivoting (pedal tones)
  • Arpeggios across all six strings (sweep picking)
  • Exotic scales...and much more!

Jonas Hörnqvist

New guitar book out "Soloing techniques for electric guitar"!