Mika Tyyskä: Mr. Fastfinger - Extra Wide Sweeping - Master the scary technique

Mr. Fastfinger's extra wide sweep picking tips for the advanced players. Some ninja skills required. Prepare for some super fast shifts. This lick is from the song Awaki-Waki (http://youtu.be/XsELXCsbNa8?t=3m16s). Here's how to finger it and how to shift your hand to make it. Short fingers? The idea of moving your whole hand in wide strecth lines can really make a difference.

Before getting too deep with this video make sure you check out the previous Sweeping lesson (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc1Wla...)

This video will give you many tips on how to develop and master the sweeping technique. These ideas have been discovered during the many years while trying to master this challenging technique. The left hand "all hammering" exercise I found about a year ago. It's definetly worth trying!

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Extra Wide Sweeping - Master the scary technique 2 - Mr. Fastfinger