Jack Gardiner: Wampler Faux Tape Echo Demo

Wampler Faux Tape Echo Demo - Jack Gardiner
Jack Gardiner
I've just recently had the Wampler Faux Tape Echo arrive and I must say I'm blown away by this pedal! I've used it live for three gigs so far and it's become apparent that this was what I needed. How I ever gigged without it, I don't know hah!

My signal chain in this video is Blackstar HT-40 emulated output into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 with the Faux Tape Echo in the effects loop of the amp.

Be sure to check out http://www.wamplerpedals.co­m for more information and http://www.jack-gardiner.com for lessons and tuition.

The Faux Tape Echo delay has become a staple in Nashville and beyond, from masterful session guitarists to studio "house sound" collections and of course seen on stages worldwide! Based around very carefully selected and very rigorously tested PT2399 delay chips, the Faux AnalogEcho and Faux Tape Echo circuits allowed Brian to combine the note clarity of a sophisticated digital delay with an all-analog dry path (unaffected signal) and magnificent all-analog tone