Truth In Shredding: Twitter passes 3000+ followers, we look at G+ and Facebook in comparison

Twitter passes 3000
All done without the aid of investing in fake followers, but 60,000 tweets to get just 3000 followers works out at 20 Tweets for every follower.  Follow
more followers on G+ than on Twitter and Facebook
In terms of G+, the growth is more significant because it took place over a lot shorter timescale and as you can see from the screen grab, super numbers of views. Follow (this channel is tech based) Guitar channels

Facebook still less than 3000
More interesting on the Facebook front. I had a look at the options for paid promotion on Facebook. This is what I found out.
With 2339 Likes, your Facebook budget to have 10 post(s) by your page seen by 100% of your current Likes is$116.95 per day.
Plan to spend $29939.20 for the remainder of 2014 on Facebook Promoted Posts at 10 per day if you want all of your current Likes to see your Promoted Posts. Yes this is for the free promotional page Truth In Shredding page. Guitar people, if you seriously need to re think your own self promotion strategy if you want to use Facebook as a platform for raising your profile. Add to that, the fact that Facebook is Walled garden... You might well be better off with your own web site on a thing called the Internet
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