Ryan Siew: Pro Tone Dead Horse OD Pedal - crunch mode!


Pro Tone Pedals sent me this sweet Overdrive to check out a few weeks ago. I've tried out a lot of different Tubescreamer type pedals in the past and this pedal absolutely slays; it is essentially a Tubescreamer on steroids. I use this pedal in front of my Axe Fx II to tighten up my tone and add clarity to the low end, which is especially great if you tune low. The song is "In Parallel" by my band Polaris, you can download our EP for free at www.polarisaus.bandcamp.com - hope you enjoy the demo and riffs!

Signal chain:
Mayones Setius GTM6 Gothic - Pro Tone Dead Horse - Axe Fx II - Logic Pro X DAW

Video shot and edited by Christopher Quyen:

This track was mixed and mastered by Matt Harnett:


Ryan Siew - Pro Tone Dead Horse OD Pedal Demo en gaged