Farzad Golpayegani: 84 - Iranian Progressive Metal Fusion

“Farzad Golpayegani” was born in 1979 in Tehran/Iran. He is son of late “Behzad Golpayegani” (Painter & Graphic Designer 1938-1985). Farzad is graduated in Graphic Design and works in the fields of Music and Visual Art.

Farzad’s records are “Iranian Progressive Metal” and “Fusion”. He also compose music for movies,video games, advertisements and etc.

He composes, plays, records, mixes, masters and designs cover for his musical projects by himself. He personally plays 7-string Electric Guitar, Nylon and Steel Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin and for the Percussions, Drums and keyboards he usually does computer programming. Also he has had other musicians in his songs, and he usually prepares a band for his concerts.

84 by Farzad Golpayegani