Pete Thorn: new from Jam Track Central - The Groomed Noodler

The Groomed Noodler

Introducing the first JTC release from world renowned rock guitarist Pete Thorn. Pete has filmed a live playthough of 'The Groomed Noodler', his first brand new single since the release of his acclaimed 'Guitar Nerd' album back in 2011.

The Groomed Noodler has it all.....melody, tone, riffs, licks and a load of perfectly placed bends! Plus, it is just an amazingly good tune! Pete plays with such precision and passion that makes those notes really hit the spot. Learning to play this track is going to teach you a load of great riffs and licks, plus if you follow Pete's lead then you will also learn how to make your guitar sing!

In true JTC form the package comes with the solo and backing track, TAB/Notation in both PDF and Powertab format, plus the video performance to study.

Solo track
Solo backing track
Video Performance
TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)