Richard Hallebeek: Guthrie Govan track details and guitar set up

Richard Hallebeek:  RHP II

Richard Hallebeek
Guthrie Govan joins RHPII on the jazz rocker 'Bring It On'!
This is a guitar collaboration in the true sense of the word, with duo-riffs (Rich-L/ Guthrie-R), both doing fills, taking one solo round each and finally trading solos in the outtro.

I wrote the majority of the song with Guthrie in mind during a gig we did together at the Ziua Chitarelor festival in 2009 in Bucharest, where I got inspired by all the players; 70's riffs, jazz, fusion... and mixing it all up.

The UK virtuoso Guthrie is known for his work with the bands The Aristocrats, Asia, GPS and from his 2006 solo release 'Erotic Cakes', that has become quite the bible for guitarists worldwide. This song features Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Frans Vollink and Lalle Larsson. And thanks Corrado Sgandurra for a great festival.

Richard Hallebeek Interested in the details of Guthrie's setup for this song? Was it an Axe FX? What guitar/strings? Where were the drums recorded? More info on this recording? Go to my artist page and hit LIKE to read on!

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