Mike Keneally: I'm Raining Here, Inside - Wing Beat Fantastic

Mike Keneally

I have spent last week in the studio of Rick Musallam, we have worked treacherous hours fine-tuning some very delicate arrangements on a truly kaleidoscopic selection of tunes for our upcoming tour, and I very much need to sleep right now but I also want to say


Very excited about getting on the road just over a week from now to play a bunch of songs, including a fresh batch of tunes from Wing Beat Fantastic. Heartwarming reviews for the new album continue to come in, and there are too many interviews happening for me to keep track of (although there’s a really good audio interview you can download here - click on “Interviews” on the left column of the main homepage and you’ll find it – so in general it seems that WBF is finding a warm spot in the world – thank you yet again, world!

If you haven’t indulged in the new album yet, please know that it’s available as a CD, and also as adownload – and if you get the download from us and not one of those other places, you WILL get the complete booklet in pdf format, with lyrics and credits included, so that you won’t have to trust websites like this which purport to present the lyrics to the song "Wing Beat Fantastic" but which truly, truly do not. (Although I very much enjoy the line “Oh evading caliser immigrate to regions where come and dance with me” – I could imagine that on Trout Mask Replica somewhere.)

Wing Beat Fantastic is also available as a SHIRT.

The Keneally Band will be in the UK and Europe in March 2013! See most of the dates below! More to come!

Dethklok will emerge from the ashes in early November for a North American tour, right after I get back from several weeks in South America with Joe Satriani and G3 in October – so I’ll hopefully be seeing loads of you kindfolk in the next few months!

OK, bedtime!

Happy birthday Sarah!

Love at y’all!

Mike Keneally - "I'm Raining Here, Inside" from "Wing Beat Fantastic"