Rob Balducci: Audio Fire Sound V3 Over drive pedal

Welcome to the new Lick Of The Week, This week I want to share with you a demo of the N - Audio Fire Sound V3 Over drive pedal. This pedal is hand made and hand-wired. It is really smooth on both clean and dirty. I am just touching some of the tones you can get with this pedal. As you will see by the demo I am not changing my settings. I am showing you how I use it when playing. The tones available with this pedal is amazing and I can only tell you to explore. Here is where to purchase the pedal. The price is actually very good for the quality pedal you are getting.

Enjoy and Thanks to N - Audio

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8-28-12 Lick Of The Week N - Audio Firesound V3 OD Rob Balducci's Demo