Floyd Fernandes: awesome colour of fusion

This guy is totally amazing to me, and when you read the story I pitch you then maybe you'll agree too:

Floyd Fernandes http://www.youtube.com/user/fcubic Floyd Fernandes playing is an amalgamation of all his influences from John Coltrane, Allan Holdsworth to Scott Henderson and all the great musicians he's been fortunate to have heard.

Unusually for such a sophisticated level of technique Floyd has had no formal music schooling and knows very little music theory. Learning music by ear and instinct and being able to visualise his music, seeing colours on the fretboard, being free and creative and play from the heart, all the time.

Floyd says:
Yes I see the fretboard entirely when I play and this is an aural map because I see scales as completely distinct colours.

Even more surprisingly is that Floyd is not a professional guitar player but a highly skilled Electronics Engineer specializing in high end studio gear.

Floyd Fernandes: awesome colour of fusion 1

Floyd Fernandes: awesome colour of fusion 2