Roger Pedersen: warp speed monkey

Roger Pedersen is on MySpace:

Crazy guitar chops, not to sure about the sound, but the intention is plain for all to see!

You crazy guitarist- Roger Pedersen

Roger Pedersen- Warp Speed Monkey

Roger Pedersen- Hysteria

Roger Pedersen is working on his first solo- CD. It will be released sometime during 2009. Roger Pedersen in Guitar Player magazine - February 2009: "Pedersen's notes seem to bounce off his fingers like kernels in a popcorn machine. His wonderfully off-kilter melodies and slippin' and slidin' bends add to the illusion that you're being pelted by shards of strange yet beguiling music. This is a good lesson on employing formidable technique in a uniquely musical way." (Michael Molenda, editor of Guitar Player magazine).