Daniele Liverani: Eleven Mysteries getting great reviews

Daniele Liverani Eleven Mysteries

Daniele Liverani: All guitars
Marco Zago: Keyboards
Tony Dickinson: Bass
Paco Barilla': Drums & Percussions

“Eleven Mysteries” the new solo album from Daniele Liverani is winning high praise from press worldwide.

Released last month on Lion Music, this instrumental-tour-de-force is home to the rich musicality fans of Liverani’s other works (Twinspirits, Khymera, Genius Rock Opera) will be accustomed too, yet the album favours the Italian’s lesser known yet equally accomplished guitar skills over his normal association of the keyboard.

Here is a just a selection of press quotes coming in:

"A very likeable musical experience and a very, very good and inspired album in all directions! It’s rare to see in the world of music that a musician is able to realise such an amazing album on guitar, but the musician is well-known for his skills on keyboards especially! Wow indeed!Great artwork and superb production as well!"


"Daniele is a musician who respects the art" "he composes beautiful music dressed with a very modern production.”

"Italy’s Daniele Liverani delivers an absolute belter of a solo record, with guitar work of the highest order. Although to be fair this isn’t strictly a solo album as it features some fine musicians brought together by Daniele’s vision of creating a record that stimulates the listeners’ senses to the maximum. All in all, this album represents a triumph, not only in the way it is performed but also in the way it has been conceived and delivered into a world sadly lacking in high quality instrumental work. Highly recommended."


"It’s a collection of songs and not some multi-faceted concerto that you can get mixed up in, as Liverani takes a page from the Satriani phrasing styles, yet breathes his own unique musical approach into the album."


"The best compliment I can pay to “Eleven Mysteries” is the fact that I felt just as engaged in these compositions as if they had vocals- knowing they are pure instrumentals. Daniele composes with one foot in the hands of extracting the most ability out of the players and another focused on the needs of each individual composition."


“Anyone that is familiar with Liverani’s other bands know he is a strong songwriter well able to pen interesting vocal compositions with deft touches, fortunately this has translated to his guitar album which is an accessible collection home to rich melodies over strong songs. Liverani’s impressive guitar work is the icing on this enjoyable cake”.


“Eleven Mysteries is to be seen as a concept album of instrumental compositions that describe a journey through a person's life and spirituality, but there is nothing that is necessary to know to appreciate the actual experience of LIVERANIs music. It speaks for itself and here you are treated to an unusually intelligent and inspiring instrumental album worthy of attention!”


"The talented Daniele Liverani returns to his guitar for his latest solo effort. Expect some fine playing within well-crafted songs from this gifted musician".


DANIELE LIVERANI - Mysterious Impulse