Mats Hedberg: nordic light

Mats are recording in Stockholm sweden his 3rd solo cd with
swedish ex Frank Zappa drummer whiz Morgan Agren ! Morgan has played with:Frank Zappa/Steve Vai/Mike Keneally/Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah/Mats&Morgan Band/Terry Bozzio. featuring also swede singer: Björn Jansson of Ride the sky/Tears of Anger & percussionist Giovanni Imparato has played with:PacoDeLucia/Eros Ramazotti/Lucio Dalla . and on keyboards : Alessandro Gwis and lots of other international and Swedish guest artists! The CD will contain progressive/fusion/Metal/indian/and other styles! The CD will contain 16 trax and will be out in 2008! The CD will contain video from the studio transcriptions and extras in CD!


You can buy Mats 1st solo CD Nordiclights 13 trax (enhanced cd) including complete note 4 note guitar transcriptions inside cd ,films and much more from! The cd comes in exclusive digipack, trax includes:
I Troll(intro)
II Troll
III Viking
IV Butterfly
VI Ninja Suite
VII 4 Sven-Erik.H
VIII Double
IX Nedergårdsö
X Cantata 147
XI Bibis blue
XII Flight of the bumble-bee
XIII Sarabande

Mats is on MySpace:
Matts has also realesed a new CD in italy (600 shops). Mats has also completed metal method METALBOX with cd included at 16 euro! buy it on-line at:

Lots of MySpace video

cadenza 1 from Mats instructional video "La Chitarra ElettricaNeoclassica"(the electric neoclassical guitar) from 1998.

mats hedberg live with bfh hades part III

Mats Hedberg live at auditorium 1/06/0 ebow

mats hedberg Troll from cd nordiclights

You can buy Mats CD Nordic Lights and Triptych on-line at U.K site

Mats Hedberg is a swedish guitarist, who has pretty much taken the neo classical playing style as far as it can go. He has since moved to Italy where his playing has been well recognised by
Chitarre magazine. You can see his articles here.

His site also features a great number of transcriptions. He has also produced the
neo-classica video a Guitar Video in which Mats Hedberg explains the neo-classical guitar and the techniques required,with a very simple but efficient method including short examples, for example improvising over a typical neo classical chord sequence.

He has a number of releases including: "Nordic Lights video CD", but check out his web site for a more detailed discography or you can down load snippets of his music and video, including an interesting ebow snippet (mov)