Giacomo Castellano: ponte vecchio

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Giacomo Castellano Seminario Stand M.M.A 2004

Giacomo Castellano will be appearing in the Queen Musical by Queen and Ben Elton. in Teatro Calderon in Madrid from 23-01-2007 unitl June 2007. For more information visit or

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Giacomo Castellano was born in the classical masterpiece called Florence. He began to play guitar at the age of 15 and was primarily self-taught. He later attend school learning music theory and improvisation.

In 1988 Giacomo attended the Musicians Institute. After returning he began to collaborate with Giovanni Unterberger teaching at the Lizard Music Academy. He went onto write two music theory books

He then moved to Fiorentina Academy and in parallel became a session player. After four years he became head of department of the Music Academy 2000 of Bologna.

Finally in 2004 he released the semi instrumental album Cutting Bridges.

If you like clean cut, well controlled rock guitar, you should check out the tracks from this album or read an interview on