John Cassio: music from a shred planet

John Cassio bets you can't play this...

Betcha can't play this - John Cassio

The shred planet revolves, spinning licks across the sky...a few land in the shuddering sea, others are trapped on frozen wastes... some are captured on video and posted on YouTube.

Hybrid Shred Blues

A loose jam fusion workout as Jon Cassio feels his way over a fusion backing rack

Guitar Crazy Equinox Fusion

John Cassio is back this time with a more rock orientated blue funk approach.

Funk Blues Guitar Impro

A John Cassio Guitar Example, this time a Dorian mode improv.

Guitar Example Dorian Mode

Some very nice hybrid soloing on this improvisation posted by johncassio.

Hybrid crazy solo

Giant Steps

Someday my prince will come

Foot prints

plus old web site design

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plus lots of guitar video on YouTube

Shred Planet

see you later

string skipping

arpeggios and tapping


John Cassio was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He has over 22 years of experience playing guitar. He is currently, the professor of guitar in Rio De Janeiro.

He has been a sesiion player for a nubmer of leading Brazilian artists including, Daniel, Leonardo and Zeze di Camargo and Luciano.

Influences include: Paul gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Richie Kotzen, Frank Gambale, Allan Holdsworth, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, George Van Eps, Jim Hall.

He's current rigs consists of: Ibanez Joe Satriani, zoom g2 and zoom gfx 5. Epiphone Joe Pass, Cort CL 1000, violao yamaha apx 10em the Ampli Yamaha Dg 60.
john has released 5 CD's:
shred planet
john cassio
ida e volta com escalas
suite com dependencias


  1. Hi
    I just found John by chance from a Utube clip of him playing " Over the Rainbow".
    What a beautiful player.
    Thanks John
    Barry Watson ( Harmonica)
    Southern England.


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