Mimmo Langella: the other side

Mimmo Langella new CD Funk That Jazz is available from guitar9.

"Langella continues the musical journey begun some years ago with the record "The Other Side". The jazz/blues influences absorbed after all these years merge naturally into a fine blend of styles on the rhythmic territory of black music roots (with pleasand hints of modern electro-lounge trends), colored with "retro" timbres so warm and "alive" that, when the listener closes their eyes, they seem to be there in the studio during the recording sessions. The bandleader shows great maturity in conducting the combo, accommodating his partners and relegating his fine guitar technique in the sevice of his music. The music of Langella is once again personal, fresh and melodically engaging; the phrases of the neapolitan guitarist are articulated in the rhythm that has the naturalness of one." Funk That Jazz features guest guitarist Scott Henderson on "Up Two" and "The Harmony Of The Soul"

Also available his 2002 CD, The Other Side

Lots of YouTube video of Mimmo: LeMagnetique, including these samples

Dorian Licks

Mixolydian Licks

Pentatonic Licks

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Mimmo Langella, was born in naples, Italy and started to play guitar at the age 12.
Later he attended the "Berklee Summer School", then moved onto "Guitar Institute of Technology" (G.I.T.) in Hollywood where he graduated with honors in 1994.

During his MIT stay he attended workshops and played sessions with Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Jeff Richman, Don Mock, Norman Brown, Joe Diorio, Ron Eschete, Gary Willis, Steve Bailey, Tim Landers and Jim Hall.

Since graduating Mimmo has made a living playing guitar, as a sideman, session player, guitar instructor or solo artist. His first solo release appeared in 2002 was entitled "The Other Side".
and this reflects his funky jazz/fusion sound
To find out more about Mimmo check out his web site for a full bio, some videos and mp3