George Bellas: beyond super smooth neo-classical

George Bellas latest instrumental album Planetary Alignment is available from guitar9 and lionmusic.


One of the most prolific and innovative composers of our time, world renowned Guitarist and Composer George Bellas presents his latest instrumental album "Planetary Alignment". This album is so uniquely crafted that most listeners will find many composition elements they have never heard before. The style of the album is extremely modern and very progressive, it does not contain any neoclassical songs that George Bellas is also reputable for, but the album stays completely within the progressive realm. The CD is available now from lionmusic.

George has updated his MySpace site:

A gentle reminder that George Bellas's new CD, Planetary Alignment is available globally on 15/02/2008:

Promo info and sound samples

Plus some Italian tour dates... a must see!!

Feb 22 2008 10:00P Twinspirits @ Rock Club Ronchi dei Legionari, Gorizia
Feb 23 2008 7:00P Twinspirits @ Boulevard Music Clubn Misano Adriatico, Rimini
Feb 28 2008 8:00P Twinspirits @ Black Horse Cermenate, Como
Feb 29 2008 10:00P Twinspirits @ zion rock cluk Cermenate, Como
Apr 12 2008 8:00P Twinspirits @ SottoSopra Rock Zone Este, Padova

All Out Guitar provide a small interview with George Bellas. When asked about who’s the world’s most underrated guitarist?

All of the ones that are intellectually gifted, struggling to be heard and may be playing the style of music that doesn't fit into the mainstream.

George Bellas samples from upcoming CD posted:
George Bellas - Gravitons, taken from 'Planetary Alignment' (out February 15th)

21-01-2008: with another George Bellas interview. When asked about the new CD Bellas says:
My upcoming Instrumental album Planetary Alignment is the most Progressive body of music I have ever written or released. I used musical elements not found on any of my previous releases or any other artists for that matter. I really stretched out and expanded with the writing and playing on that album. The writing is very innovative.

Planetary Alignment will be released February 15th 2008.


Color By Numbers
This song was the start of creating numerous rhythmic motives and then adding notes (color) to the motives. This method was then used for the entire album.
This song contains many improvised guitar solos and has some nice dynamic contrast between the various sections.
GUITARS USED: Stratocaster

Encoded In Light
This song's concept was inspired by the idea of photons and what type of information can presently, and may in the future, be sent through this fastest known particle to man. We are currently using light to transmit sights and sounds, but perhaps in the future an entire DNA strand.
GUITARS USED: Stratocaster

Subatomic Particles
This song's concept was inspired by the smallest bits of matter known to mankind. Everything we know of in the universe contains these essential, tiny building blocks of matter. What is keeping it all together, and why isn't it all flying apart like the large objects in the universe?
GUITARS USED: Stratocaster, Baritone Guitar

New Worlds Discovered
This song's concept was inspired by the thought of discovering new worlds inhabited by intellegent beings. The fact that there are billions of other galaxies which harbor their own countless planets makes it seem that if we are the only ones in the universe that there is a lot of wasted space out there. Thanks to Carl Sagan.

Parallel Universe
This song's concept was inspired by the idea that our known universe is one of many that are differentiated by unique actions we all choose to make. These implications are supported by factual astronomical observations.
Is there another you?
GUITARS USED: 7-String & Stratocaster

Overlapping Dimensions
This song's concept was inspired by the fact that Scientists are finding evidence of extraterrestrial presence in higher dimensions all around us even overlapping our immediate environment overlapping the Physical Universe. The idea is that our real being exists in a higher dimension and interacts with the visible one we know of.

Escape Velocity
This song's concept was inspired by the amount of energy that is required to escape an object's gravitational force. The amount of velocity required to leave Earth is much less than one would need to escape the force of much larger objects, and ultimately no velocity that can escape a black hole.

This song's inspiration is drawn from the particles that carry the gravitational force. Gravitons are supposedly massless particles, which would travel only at the speed of light. When these particles were intercepted, and re-exchanged, gravity would be the intended result. A Graviton is a Boson particle and is theorized to interact with Quarks and Leptons.

Planetary Alignment
If several planets are orbiting the sun at known speeds and current positions, how many years will it be before those planets are perfectly aligned and what effects will it have? Will the magnetic and gravitational forces be so strong as to create floods, earthquakes and other catastrophes? The next planetary alignment is expected to occur in the year 2438.

This song's concept was inspired by the mathematical symmetry relating to bosons and femions. AKA an attempt of a Unified Field Theory using acceleration in place of gravity.
Force = Mass multiplied by Acceleration (F=MA).
GUITARS USED: Stratocaster

Hall of Metal webzine conduct an in depth interview wit hGeorge Bellas discussing his new coal album with Palace Terrace and his upcoming instrumental CD, Flying Through Infinity.

George Says:
My upcoming instrumental solo album entitled "Planetary Alignment" will be released February 15th, 2008 on Lion Music. It is the most progressive album I have ever written. It is futuristic and utilizes musical elements that I have never before used on previous releases. The drum parts and rhythms are extremely advanced and very unique. The melodic and harmonic elements brought me into unchartered territory. I literally had learned many new things writing and recording "Planetary Alignment". Fans should expect the unexpected! It is without a doubt very innovative in composition.
and goes on to highlight his desire to release music without commercial watering down.
I do not concern myself with trying to be popular or record sales. Those issues are not at the core of my desire or motivation to write and play music, it is a passion purely for the emotional and intellectual satisfaction that it gives me. Artists should create what they envision and not worry about or cater to what is trendy, in my honest opinion anyway.
Nice to see someone talking about the music and not the showbiz. Look out for "Planetary Alignment" which will be released February 15th, 2008 through Lion Music.

Fresh from his recent release George Bellas is interviewed by the Baroque and Roll crew:

The writing process for "Flying Through Infinity" primarily used 3 methods. One method began by composing rhythmic motives and building melodic and harmonic structures on top of them. Method two would begin with a melodic motive and then harmonically brought to life with choices based on each melodic tone. The third method used harmonic progressions as the basis for developing improvisations, melodies and rhythms around. After the foundation of all the songs were formed I added the vocal and guitar improvisations as well as adding carefully composed vocal melodies, counterpoint and harmonies, all of which were composed on staff paper. I spent a grueling amount of time on the compositional process of the vocal lines and Jonathan's improvisations -- carefully reviewing, redoing and making sure that every single note worked perfectly. After all that was complete I reworked many of the vocal and instrumental arrangements. The entire production was indeed quite daunting, but I strive for perfection with a precise vision and need to make sure that every aspect of a project is the way it should be.

George Bellas announces more CD news and an interview with Komodo Rock... the CD track listing for Palace Terrace. Full details on lionmusic

Released November 16th 2007

Track Listing
I] The Tenth Dimension
II] Chaos Theory
III] Time Will Tell
IV] I Know Your Home
V] Who Am I
VI] Declaration
VII] Lights Fall Down
VIII] From This Day Forward
IX] End of Time
X] Mesmerized

Another guitar messenger interview, this time with George Bellas...back in 2006 but still worth a read:

Physical side of it, yes I did spend a lot of time. People think I was exaggerating… when I mentioned there was a period where I played for 18 hours a day.

I would do this for days in a row, then just burn out for a day and kind of catch up with my sleep and then do it again for the next few days. My dad thought I was nuts, but he was very supportive.

So I spent a lot of time practicing, very very disciplined practice, not sitting in front of the boob-tube just kind of noodling, but sitting down with the metronome. Just very hard, intense practice.

The date has been set for the upcoming Lion Music release. The new instrumental album by George Bellas entitled Planetary Alignment will be released on February 15, 2008.

Also The new album by "Palace Terrace" will be released on November 16, 2007. George's new band Palace Terrace is a progressive and neoclassical rock band that exhibits a theatrical and modern edge. Their music combines superb musicianship, beautifully crafted melodies, unique harmonic progressions, compelling stories, counterpoint, large orchestrations, wide dynamics, odd meters, stunning vocal arrangements and elaborate forms.

Palace Terrace was born when Composer George Bellas contacted Tenor Vocalist Jonathan R Marshall and invited him to fill the main vocalist spot in the band. The two discussed how they would like to see the band debut as well as evolve into the future, and sharing very similar visions the two began working on their first album "Flying Through Infinity". George composed all the music on the album and then incorporated John's vocals throughout. John was diligent in learning the vocal arrangements and executed them with the utmost authority. The search for an extraordinary percussionist was much of a concern for George, and it was a long but fruitful ambition, but then he eventually discovered the prolific talents of Percussionist Sasha Horn.

The album "Flying Through Infinity" by Palace Terrace will be released on November 16, 2007.

Flying Through Infinity

The album will be released worldwide on the Lion Music record label. In the meantime more guitar goodness from the king of neo sweep. This time a live concert.

Wow...Wow ...Wow...why can't I see this sort of thing down at my local beach!! This sort of video makes my job worth while. OK, so what is it? Well it's George Bellas, just doing some daytime, sun shine, improvisation on the Marine Stroll of Malaga, just before his recent masterclass in the guitar academy Juan Manuel Carmona...Now that's what I call a warm up! A big thanks to Diazep for this one!

George Bellas improvisando

Lion Music are proud to announce the signing of Palace Terrace, a progressive neo classical rock band with a theatrical and modern edge that is intellectually stimulating, thought provoking and emotionally moving. Their music combines superb musicianship, beautifully crafted melodies, unique harmonic progressions, compelling stories, counterpoint, large orchestrations, wide dynamics, odd meters, stunning vocal arrangements and elaborate forms.

Palace Terrace was formed when composer/guitarist George Bellas contacted Tenor Vocalist Jonathan R Marshall and invited him to fill the main vocalist spot in the band. The two discussed how they would like to see the band debut as well as evolve into the future. Sharing very similar visions the two began writing their first album "Flying Through Infinity". The search for an extraordinary percussionist was much of a concern for George and was a long but fruitful ambition when he finally discovered the prolific talents of Percussionist Sasha Horn.

George Bellas is one of the world’s leading technically advanced players with a CV that has seem him work with Ring Of Fire, John West, Vitalij Kuprij, Mogg/Way and many more as well as 3 critically acclaimed solos albums to date. George contributes all the compositions, orchestration, guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion, vocals and studio production. He has been playing guitar since the age of 7.

Palace Terrace will publicly debut with their album titled "Flying Through Infinity" during the fourth quarter of 2007 (actual date tbc) through Lion Music. More information on the album to follow soon.

George Bellas album update, "Planetary Alignment" is currently being mixed and will be done by July 31st, 2007. This new album is very progressive and uses rhythms, chords and scales.

George says:
The mixing is going great and the album is right on schedule to be completed by the end of July. The amazing drummer that performed on the album will be revealed shortly.

George Bellas, Ule W. Ritgen, Piero Leporale, Richie Onori and Andrew Shulman are among the newly confirmed guests for this year's Uli Jon Roth Sky Academy seminar and concerts.

Buy Tickets at Ticketmaster
Sky Academy Website

Set to take place August 22-26 at Musician's Institute in Los Angeles, the concept of Sky Academy was conceived by Uli. He wanted a medium to teach his own unique approach to musicians wanting to take their playing to that next level.

Uli will perform two concerts, titled "Uli Jon Roth and Friends", in conjunction with his Sky Academy Seminar (note: tickets can be purchased separately for the concerts). Uli will play lots of Scorpions and playing tribute to many classic bands, such as Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and others.

Guests confirmed to jam with Uli this year are as follows:

Adrian Galysh
Andrew Shulman
Chris Poland
Don Dokken
George Bellas
Jeff Scott Soto
Joe Stump
Johnny Hiland
Kofi Baker
Michael Angelo Batio
Michael Ehre
Phil Woodward
Piero Leporale
Richie Onori
Rob Pagliari
Roy Z
Steve Smyth
Tony Franklin
Ule W. Ritgen

Super shredder George Bellas, whose YouTube and google videos continually get great comments ahs lined up a new guitar show. George Bellas will be at MI where he will be conducting a Guitar Clinic and Open Counseling sessions at GIT. The date set is November 15th, 2007.

GIT is located at:
Musicians Institute
1655 North McCadden Place
California 90028
tel (323) 860-1161

George Bellas has his own MySpace:, join him.

Also some album update news. George's new solo album "Planetary Alignment" will be mixed, mastered and completed by July 31st.

The new album "Flying Through Infinity" by George's new band Palace Terrace is also complete.

Finally, the Masterclasses in Spain were a great success.

You can join George and his new band Place Terrace on MySpace:

29-04-2007: off the presses from George Bellas himself...New albums update...

George Bellas's new vocal band, the name has officially been publicly announced as "Palace Terrace" has an album which is complete and just waiting to be mixed. Look for it to be released on the Lion Music label later this Fall, 2007.

The George Bellas solo album "Planetary Alignment" is also complete and just waiting to be mixed. According to George:
"This solo album is the most progressive thing I've ever recorded. It's not just a guitar shred album per-say, there's plenty of guitar oh yeah, but I really strived to let all the other instruments breath too. I was very careful not to clutter up the arrangements for I so love the art of orchestration and tend towards dense contrapuntal textures. The scales (only 1 song uses the popular harmonic minor) and types of chords I am using I have never heard anyone use so extensively, and the rhythms are just insane! I am using elements such as:

CHORDS - Bitonal, Tritonal, Quartal, Quintal, Secondal, Pyramid Chord, Scriabin's Mystic Chord, Vienesse Trichords, Mother Chord, Grandmother Chord, Split Note Chords, Chord of the Minor23rd and more...

RHYTHM - Odd Meters, Polyrhythms, Polymeters, Pyramid Rhythms, Fibonacci Number Series Meters, Contracting and Expanding Meters and more...

SCALES - Numerous (no name) scales from Nicolas Slominski's Thesaurus, Scale of A. Therepin, Verdi's Enigmatic, Wholetone, HalfWhole, Pentatonics, Melodic Minor Modes, Harmonic Major and many more...

George expects both incendiary releases, that's "Palace Terrace" and his solo album "Planetary Alignment" to be mixed in early June, after he's returned from Spain. The Palace Terrace album will be the first to be released, as it's slated for release in late Fall and then shortly thereafter his solo album. Look out for artwork nearer the time!

After the releases expect George Bellas to come out fighting! His focus will be on stun..."play, Play, PLAY! Concerts and clinics everywhere." case you forgot...Joe Stump, Kiko Loureiro and George Bellas will be doing some concerts next month in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 19th and 20th at the Acatraz Theatre. It will be a G3 type of bill. Should be cool. All three of players will also be doing 2 guitar clinics at the MI (Musicians Institute) of guitar fans from Argentina...please feel free to let us know how the gigs and clinics go!

George Bellas will perform a master class in Spain. Several shows are planned at the Academia De Guitarra in Malaga, Spain during the month of June 2007.

The dates:
Saturday, June 2, 2007
Sunday, June 3, 2007

George Bellas will be performing live at the Acatraz Theatre located in Beunos Aires, Argentina in April 2007.

Friday, April 20 - Showtime 9:00 PM
Saturday, April 21 - Showtime 9:00 PM
Sunday, April 22 - Showtime 9:00 PM

George Bellas has confirmed the name of his new vocal band Palace Terrace. The band singer is tenor vocalist Jonathan R Marshall. Their debut album 'Flying Through Infinity' will be available in 2007.

Don't forget to check out his free instructional videos and tab

A big thanks to George Bellas who was the first guitar player posted on truthinshredding. So it is only fitting that we repost the item as we've now transcended the 50,000 visits mark. Also the first video posted with permission from George, Slow Blues, has itself topped over 5000 views. For more news check out George's news page

George, to me, is one of those players that you just have to watch playing. An amazing economy picking style and total control of the instrument. George also provides a well known video lessons.

His one to one tuition has produced a number of truthinshredding featured guitar players, including Tom Hess, Marco Ferrigno and Jon Bjork, amongst others.

George has confirmed that the two CD's are complete and he is close to finalising the release date. No news yet if there will also be a performance DVD. This is the sort of playing I would like to see on a performance DVD:



anti matter 2

gravitational pull

A nice interview with George in the Berklee news

George confirmed that he is still in the process of completeting his two new albums. Once they are complete he iconsidering putting together a DVD of his live performances and likely include an interview and some "special" extras. In the meantime George was good enough to let me publish one of his videos that highlights some of the techniques he covers in his guitar instruction videos, on Google Video.

Slow Blues

Some late news. George Bellas has been selected to appear courtesy of LION MUSIC on the free SHRED CD which will be given out with VIRTUOSA MAGAZINE with issue 11 (out January 10th). You can buy the magazine from Lion Music shop.

George has also release some free Christmas carols on acoutstic for your to download and enjoy.

George is also featured in an interview for Baroque and Roll

George Bellas has two new albums planned "Flying Through Infinity" and "Planetary Alignment". They should be released in 2006.

Flying Through Infinity:
Is a vocal concept album, an epic tale of mankind's quest for survival following the depletion of Mother Earth's natural resources. more details...

Planetary Alignment:
Is an instrumental album that contains George's most progressive and exotic writing to date. This album contains new, unexplored meters, rhythms, melodic and ultra-modern harmonic content. more details...

George has added some more mp3 samples to his web site

George has added some tab for you to download and learn...go to it!
George has added some more video to his web site.

George plans to add some more video media to his web site over the coming weeks, I'll elt you know now as soon as it's there. In the mean time check out the truely awesome "Slow Blues".

Robbert Hanenberg is the Jam Solo winner in George Bellas record a solo competition. A left hander, Robberts track brims with technical excellence and feel. Check the mp3 out and hear the other finalists on Georges web site. I predict a bright future ahead for Robbert. Robbert also plays on the tribute (mp3) to the recently departed Dimebag along with Chris Brooks.

George Bellas was a late arrival to the Shrapnel Records stable and represents one of the best of the second wave of guitar players following on from Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Macalpine and Vinnie Moore.

George has spent time in various places and worked in numerous bands, including UFO and with former Malmsteen vocalist Mark Boals and Ring Of Fire

George Bellas raises his profile with very cool display of his super smooth picking style in a series of demonstration videos promoting his new guitar training course. If your looking for a counter argument to those "oh so cool" blues players who fail to see why shredders also have any "feel" check out the truely awesome "Slow Blues", even my cat cried.

George has also been busy putting together the keyboard parts for a new album tentatively titled: "Flying Through Infinity". The drums and lead guitar are set to be recorded in the following months.


  1. Not only a fan but also a friend of GB. Great to see him getting this recognition and attention. He is a great guy.

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    When there'll be some tabs of Propulsion?

    Qulimbo from Poland

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