Albert Houwaart: seven and eight dimensions of x

I always enjoy adding great new progressive rock guitar and keyboard players to the list. Albert Houwaart is just that...playing 7 and 8 string guitars and super rock keyboard solos. The Netherlands delivers anotehr super hot player, join him on MySpace: and check out his rocking demos.

Albert houwaart-Zen guitars demo
ibanez custom rg 7 instrumental jam

albert houwaart funky shredjam

ibanez custom rg 7 instrumental jam

tapping solo

Albert Houwaart is from Katwijk Aan Zee in the Netherlands. He is a 24 years old and plays guitar and keyboards. He has a local web site for music ideas and songs:

Gear includes, Ibanez universe 777pbk, Ibanez rg 2027 xvv double edge piezo bridge
Ibanez rg7620bk, Ibanez rg550 pornstar, Ibanez 450 royal blue, Ibanez s customshop green sunburst, Maverick matrix, Roland gr707 synthguitar, Martinez semi Spaanse gitaar, Fuego spaanse gitaar, een gare Squire strat, Line 6 pod pro, Boss Gt6
Boss Gx700, Behringer V amp.

Influences include: his biggest guitar hero's are: Joop wolters, marty friedman,jason becker,greg howe, richie kotzen, marcel coenen, mattias ia eklund, fabrizio leo,michael romeo, and ofcourse vai, satch and yngwie. favorite bands; pagans mind,symphony x,killswitch engage,soilwork, evergrey, dream theater,fear factory, venturia

Albert also plays guitar in a powermetal band called Montany (lmp records) and a metalcore band called Detonator. He also play keys in a progressive metalband called Carthago.