Alessio Forlani: azzurri rocks

Another sizzler from Alessio Forlani

Alessio Forlani back again with another new track on sevenotes

Some more quality rock music from Alessio Forlani...

Alessio Forlani is on MySpace: where you can check out some scorching rock jams!

alessio forlani rock funk impro.

modern blues 7 strings guitar alessio forlani

Alessio Forlani & Vincenzo Grieco Italian Rock Jam

Alessio Forlani is from Firenze Italy. He started guitar in 1994,playing a cheep classical guitar. He started playing Guns and Roses covers then gravitated to Steve Vai. He taught himself to play for a couple years, practicing like crazy, playing in bands and taking some lessons from jazz player Massimo Epinot .

Afterwards He went to the Lizard school in Fiesole (Florence),learning from Alex Stornello,Giacomo Castellano and Michael Mellner. He subsequently stopped playing for eight years. He's started again and is planning to move to the U.S.A., following the American Dream, and continue his studies there.