News: andy mckee and don ross in bath!

Advanced Fingerstyle with Andy McKee and Don Ross ,Friday, July 25nd 2008, 6 day course.

Inspired by the ever-increasing popularity of fingerstyle music, IGF have invited two of the world’s leading players to coach advanced and intermediate students through a unique week of exciting music and technical wizardry. Andy and Don are passionate about music and will explore a range of different techniques, sounds and arrangements from the world of fingerstyle guitar. With a special focus on music from Canada and the USA this is a great opportunity to benefit from two amazing artists, with two individual perspectives on fingerstyle guitar.

One of today's finest new fingerstyle guitarists, Andy McKee is lauded by many critics and guitarists as the most promising fingerstyle guitarist to arrive on the scene in some time.

Don Ross has emerged as one of the most respected musicians in Canada and one of the top guitarists in the world.
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