News: win a free higgs boson cd

FREE HIGGS CD Competition: This is your chance to win an extremely rare Higgs CD

Higgs says:
I say rare because I seriously doubt I will ever be bothered to go to all the trouble and expense of manufacturing another batch, unless of course I suddenly discover that the Duke of Westminster is in fact a long-lost relation, in which case you won’t see me for dust! - I’ll be way too busy swanning around in a DB9, up to the old neck in lips….

There are approximately 20 or so CDs remaining from the original and only run, so now is yoomz chance to grab it for FREE!!

I think you’ll agree, a bargain, when you consider that the cost of recording the fucking thing very nearly put me through the bankruptcy courts and ended up costing me my house…You can of course write to me, just poke it down the drain, I’ll get it eventually!

Just to get the competition in some sort of context..

To enter all you have to do is comment on your favourite track (music comment within the MySpace player). What’s the point? I have no idea…I must be bored?

This time there will be winners (plural)

1st Prize = one CD
2nd Prize= your choice of a track download.
3rd Prize= as above

Good luck…

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