Temur Kvitelashvili: georgia in my hands

Temur Kvitelashvili in full flow, burning the ground you walk on...with incendiary blues licks

Temur Kvitelashvili

21 guitars by Temur Kvitelashvili

one of the Best guitarists in the world

Temur Kvitelashvili is signed by Liquid Note Records (LNR) and was a featured performer on LNR’s latest album’s "Alchemists II" track on the track "Georgia In My Heart" written by Dr. Ika and Temur.

Temur Kvitelashvili from Alchemists II album

Temur Kvitelashvili was born in Georgia in Russia. He is self taught. He is very famous for breaking the Guinness world record for playing time guitar none stop f or a total of 30 hours with only several five-minute breaks.

He was also the first musician from the former USSR to perform at the prestigious La Ve Lee Jazz Club, Los Angeles, California. He was also a guest-speaker invited by Scott Henderson at the Musicians Institute of Technology. He also played a memorial solo at the Georgian National 9/11 Recognition Ceremony; played his own 10-minute interpretation of a piece dedicated to the tragedy.

Nostalgia 1991
Classic - Jazz - Rock 1992
The Land ofFlowers" 1996 & 1997
I'm From Georgia(The Music Of My Soul) 2002