Gonçalo Pereira: fine flowing guitar

We revisit the mega talented Gonçalo Pereira with a slew of videos that have been in hiding since my youtube subscriptions search broke...

Retrosaria Tricot

All the wrong notes


Mauro Ramos ao Vivo com Gonçalo Pereira (Sessão Geleia)

Some cool clinic video posted from yesterdays show!...don't you just love the Internet?!

Gonçalo Pereira na MUSICALIA part 1 22-9-2007

Gonçalo Pereira na MUSICALIA part 2 22-9-2007

Still quiet on the Gonçalo Pereira front...but a few more videos came to light, check out this stunning improvisation!

Nenufares Cintilantes improvisation

Fan club day


New web site found http://goncalo-pereira.blogspot.com/

old wikipedia link

Gonçalo Pereira is still off line so I have switched ot wikipedia url

UnanythingJP posted some snippets on YouTube. Here a single sample to remind us what we're missing.

Pastel de Nata

11 string 1

11 string 2

Web site is still missing...but the good news is Gonçalo is still delivering: so here we go, two unbeddable 11 string guitar videos...must see (again why unembeddable ?!)

and some older video's

ao vivo live

Studio Session Dirty Suits

Some great vocal rock from Gonçalo Pereira's Blister. Thanks to instrumentalcase for highlighting the videos.

Good things and bad things

old friends

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

Gonçalo Pereira has just returned from China http://www.guitarchina.com/goncalo/

Movimento perpetuo

Hardrock Cafe

Jose Carlos Matos and Goncalo Pereira

Tapping Lick

Some nice YouTube video

You can now get "Another Day in Another World" from guitar9. The DVD features Goncalo Pereira in concert at the Hard Club, playing eight instrumental hard rock and shred tracks. The package includes a CD, Goncalo Pereira's "Goncalopereira@g_spot", two studio jams, a tour of Pereira's studio, an interview, a look at Pereira's gear, guitar lessons, photos, sketches, live extra tracks at G-Spot.

Gonçalo releases a new DVD "Another Day in Another World" on September the 1st.
The DVD features:
  • A concert from "Vivo no Hard Club"
  • Studio Jams
  • Studio Tour - 3d Video
  • fotos
  • "Funny Sketches"
  • Cd audio
17-04-2005: Its official,Gonçalo is now bid in China, having been featured on www.guitarchina.com in March 2005

25-02-2005: Gonçalo is featured on the Essential Guitaristweb site. Check out Essential guitarist interview and Essential guitarist lessons

Gonçalo is another self taught guitarist, who reflects many of his influences in his playing style. These include: Pat Metheny, George Benson, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Paco De Lucia, Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme, Jon Pettrucci of Dream Theater and many more.

Gonçalo started his career as a professional guitar teacher at the age of 18 and performed with several original/cover bands. He later went to work with major artist: Paulo Gonzo, playing and touring Europe and the USA.

He went to become a solo artist recording an instrumental album “Tricot no País das Maravilhas”, leading him to win “Best Portuguese Guitar Player” in 1998. Gonçalo Pereira has since gone on to release a number of solo albums and is currently touring with metal band Blister. Check out his web site for a full biography.

To see and hear his music and learn technique tips check out samples of his music , video and lessons.

You can also buy his CD's at guitar9


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