Justin John Wakely: somewhere over the rainbow

Wow...a long time between posts for Justin. Lots of new mp3 Justin John Wakely also has a band called no angels who are working on an EP.


g major modes 1

g major modes 2

e minor gambale arps

Major/Dom visual note selction


String skip arp linking

Item first published

Justin John Wakely is one of the new breed of UK based guitarists. He started playing guitar as a teenager and got hooked enough to spend a year full-time at the guitar institute at Acton, London in the 1990's.

He is currently busy rehearsing with his new band and he hopes to start work on making his 1st instrumental CD later this year. So keep an eye for some of Justin's work by checking out his video and mp3 selection.


  1. Cool looking page here,thanks for including me.Hopefully before too long i might actualy put something decent up!Busy with band and recording but i want to do some more intructional vids as soon as i get a chance.Anyway thanks for taking the time to include me


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