Wouter Bosch: far beyond racing

Wouter Bosch, sizzling over a backing track featuring Jonas Hellborg and Jeff Sipe. Wouter uses a Charvel USA San Dimas 1995.

One_Icon_At_A_Time (tribute to Shawn Lane)

Wouter Bosch provide a new sample of a song he's working on:

Mosvalve Frog Song

Wouter is on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BoschRacing

The Extreme Guitarshop Sweep Picking Lick

Another new track: cAPS_rOCK

Mr Bosch returns with: Sad_Dead_Bunny.mp3. The song, features Guitar - Wouter Bosch, Bassguitar - Victor Wooten,Drums - Neil Conti.

Wouter Bosch returns with a tribute to Shawn Lane’s eclectic playing will always be of inspiration: One_Icon_At_A_Time.mp3

Equipment: Charvel San Dimas IV 1995, PodXT, Tubeworks Mosvalve, Engl 4x12” V30, Shure SM57, SONAR 4 Producer Edition, Arthur Schopenhauer ‘Über die vierfache Wurzel des Satzes vom zureichenden Grunde’.

Plus, F’waka, ShaQ, Farhill and Wouter Bosch proudly present the "Online Jam Venture": Triple_Headstock_Jam.mp3

playing order:
Intro: Bosch
Loop1: Bosch
Loop 2: ShaQ
Loop 3: Farhill
Loop 4: Bosch
Loop 5: ShaQ
Loop 6: Farhill
Loop 7: Bosch (Guitar/Vocal *ode to Shawn Lane*)
Loop 8: Farhill
Outtro: Shaq/Kant

More wizzy goodness from Wouter with this wistful new track Cosmic Secularism posted on Wouter's wonderfully wobbly web site.

Wouter won the Paul Gilbert competition with: Fuzz meets the Hurd

Paul Gilbert:
Bosch gets right to the point and lays down some serious rock-fusion licks in the first few seconds. His tone reminds me of John Scofield, but with some metal influences in the distorted guitar sound. I really like his mix of picking and legato sounds, and his choice of notes is really interesting. The second half of the solo is more Steve Vai-ish with some fast runs and Vai-ish phrases. And then, having said what he needed to say, Bosch quits while he's ahead and let's the bass solo take it to the finish.

So who do I choose to win the Pod? I'm going to go with Bosch. He put his good stuff at the beginning and got my attention with just one listen. Joris and Boudewijn are fantastic guitarists as well, and the more I listened to them, the more depth and musicality I found. But Bosch hooked me immediately, so I have to go with my first impression.

Some more cool mp3

Old Web site

Nice new Christmas mp3 Bosch and ShaQ produced yet another unconventional type of new genetic modified beef.
  • Bosch: beginning - 1.20
  • ShaQ: 1.47 - end
  • Bass: Eric Cartman
Check out the neo-fusion "Gateway of Infinity" guitar overplay.

Ok, I missed this one, check out his new mp3 "Nietzsche Contra Wagner"

Wouter Bosch was born in 1995 and got an acoustic guitar at the age twelve. He almost quit a year later until a friend who was realy into guitar how to play chords.

Since then Wouter has been inspired buy Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Joe Satriani, Stephen Ross and Steve Vai.

Since then he has moved to listen to more fusion based players and this is reflected in his playing style. His influences in this genre include Greg Howe, Brett Garset and the late great Shawn Lane.

Wouter also races motor biske and is currently riding a Honda VTR SP2_2002.

Check out some interesting mp3 on Wouters web site.