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A new web site and some new live shows

Dec 27 Handzame, Belgium End Year’s Swing Night (Hendrix)
Dec 29 Kemmel, Belgium De Lockedyze (Hendrix Tribute)
Jan 4 Rollegem, Belgium De Platse (Hendrix Tribute)
Jan 5 Alveringem, Belgium Rhetorica (Hendrix Tribute)
Jan 12 Affligem, Belgium CC Bellekouter (Hendrix Tribute)
Jan 19 Heule, Belgium Den Ast (Hendrix Tribute)

Vreny Van Elslande is very serious about writing an instructional guitar book. The project is huge and he is planning on getting the book finished and released by the end of 2008.

the old web site

A round up of news from Vreny's web site:
In August he flew to Chicago to play a guitar solo on Matt Konfirst's next solo album. He alsp played on Cory Phillips album, playing rhythm guitar and solos. He also played on a Leah King track.

for more check out all the news

Vreny has set up his own "MySpace" web site here http://www.myspace.com/vreny where you can catch up with the latest blog information.

Vreny Van Elslande was born 14th June 1971, in the famous medieval Flemish town of World War One Ypres in Belgium.

His early years were interestinf to say the least. He had problems with schooling which were related to a problem with him reading words backwards. At the age of six he fell out of a tree and suffered from severe head concussion. Vreny went to music school at the age of seven but did not like it. He did show potential though as by the age of sixteen he was studying and memorizing all the medical books in his parent's extensive home library. But at the age of seventeen he picked up a guitar and said: "Wow... this is what I want to do for a living", and at once his parents dreams of him becoming a Doctor went out the window.

But this was not to pass and he decided to become a soldier, joining the military forces and moving to Germany, where he became a non-commissioned officer, rising to the rank of sergeant, and then was honourably discharged!

This is when he finally attended music school finishing a very intense ten year program in classical guitar performance and classical composition, theory and ear training in seven years. He was also awarded the critically acclaimed, prestigious "Special Award Jan Decadt" awarded for his musical accomplishments in the field of classical guitar and performance.

He then decided to go to Boston, enrolling in Berklee College of Music, where he completed dual major Performance (contemporary music) and Music Production and Engineering and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

He then moved to Hollywood as a support musician, and also a guitar instructor and performer, for Musicians Institute in Hollywood

Check out his web site for a more complete cv(pdf). Sorry the web site is mainly flash so you'll need to navigate to most of the resource pages. However, here is a link to one full track, "Lucky Strike" (mp3).


  1. News update of Vreny (myspace bulletin)
    Date: Dec 15, 2007 8:07 AM
    Subject: New www.vreny.com launched and... vacation. :)


    I arrived in Belgium yesterday for 5 weeks of unbelievable vacation.

    Am planning on maybe going to Berlin for a couple of days, definitely going to Amsterdam... and I spend hours chatting with this awesome Austrian girl on the plane yesterday, I might go hang out with her for a couple of days in Vienna.

    Mmmmmm.... sniff up the magical atmosphere of the times of Mozart and Beethoven.

    Right before leaving for vacation, my friend Lila French and I launched the new www.vreny.com

    Go check it out and let me know what you think.
    Lila did a fantastic, unbelievable job with all the programming.
    She is THE person you want to hire if you're serious about getting your business further developed through webpresence.

    Find out more about Lila's webdesign company at www.leifandi.com
    You can find out more about Lila on my myspace page: she's in my top 8 haha.

    2007 was unbelievable, and guess what: 2008 is EVEN going to be better.

    I've got so many plans, and more energy than ever.

    I will be in the studio a lot in 2008, because I am preparing to rerecord my WHOLE catalog with top of the line musicians in great studios with fantastic engineers, and start pushing my songs.

    Tired of having so many great songs on my shelve that I am not doing anything with.

    The music needs to be shared. :)

    Check out www.vreny.com.

    Have a fantastic, Happy Christmas and New Year.
    Much love to you,


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