Elliot Holden: we be delicious

Some videos on his web site:
Elliot Holden is featured in the August 2005 issue of Guitar Player Magazine, Mike Varney's spotlight column


Elliot Holden was born in Germany and raised in Georgia. Elliot began playing guitar at age 14 after hearing a sound-page out of Guitar Player magazine of Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover". He practiced for 7-10 hours a day. He was known for his fast blues runs and Lenny Breau like harmonic techniques.

He took a two-year hiatus from music to attend Augusta Technical College where he received an Associates degree in computer networking and completed the Cisco System CCNA certification. While working in IT he managed to save enough money and used it to record and release his first CD called "We Be Delicious". He since went on to record the 2005 release Radiance. You can buy thess online at his store, guitar9 or CDBaby.

You can also listen to track on his web site. He was featured in August 2005 issue of Guitar player in Mike Varney's spotlight column or read the abstract logix review