Eric Mantel: the unstruck melody

Some video footage is due soon. Eric has been playing professionally in bands since 1976 and has done shows with Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Vinnie Moore, Michael Angelo, Robben Ford, etc. Some cool concert posters:

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Eric's CD captures his abilities and highlights Erics ability to play many different styles: Read the reviews online at guitar9. Full track listing:
  • The Unstruck Melody - INTRO
  • Tribute - 4:40 (Instrumental) - Hard Rock
  • The Simple Things - 6:37 (Vocal) - Jazzy Pop
  • The Real You - 3:59 (Instrumental) - Rock
  • Tai-Chi - 5:31 (Instrumental) - Jazz / Rock
  • Shine On - 3:50 (Vocal) - Pop
  • Under a Different Light - 4:14 (Instrumental) GR-33 Guitar Synth - Jazz
  • Merry Go Round - 4:11 (Vocal) - Pop
  • Why So Lonely - 4:06 (Vocal) - Ballad
  • Exit 10 - 3:43 (Instrumental) - Rock Fusion
  • Gloria - 3:50 (Vocal) - Pop
  • Affectionately Yours - 3:50 (Instrumental) - Classical
  • There Are No Words - 3:56 (Instrumental) - Jazz Fusion
  • Wings of Fire - 4:35 (Instrumental) - Rock
  • Only Want Your Love - 3:35 (Vocal) - Rock / Funk
  • True Home (intro) - 0:25 (Vocal) Paula Mantel True Home - 3:42 (Vocal) - Pop Ballad
  • Finger Pickin’ Country - 2:17 (Instrumental) - Country
  • The Unstruck Melody (Reprise)
  • Don’t Let The Day Go By - 5:14 (Vocal) - Rock Ballad
For fans of rock based guitar, you can buy Eric's CD "The unstruck melody" online at guitar9 sound clip

Eric William Mantel was was born on February 5, 1963. He is the youngest of six children. his brother, Jon, inspired Eric to play guitar by playing records and tapes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Cream.

His first gig happened in 1977, when he was 14 performing to 800 people. His main influences at this point were Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Steve Howe, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Eric Claptona and Peter Frampton.

He took private lessons with a Berklee School guitar teacher and became influenced by Pat Metheny, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, John McLaughlin, Bill Connors, Al DiMeloa, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Morse, Ted Greene and Lenny Breau.

A Steve Vai article in Guitar Player lead Eric to transcribe Allan Holdsworth and Steve Morse compositions. He also Prairie State College Eric studied music theory, composition, classical guitar, violin, piano, etc.

Consequently, his playing incorporates a number of influences from pop, rock, jazz, melodic fusion, country, blues, funk.

Eric has also opened shows for players including: Robben Ford, Danny Gatton, Bassist Stu Hamm, Scott Henderson, Vinnie Moore, Allan Holdsworth and Michael Angelo.

You can find out more from his web site, where there you can arrange guitar tuition or see a full discography