Matt Cafissi: emotional heat

Coming soon on Guitar 9 Records and Guitar Euro Shop the new album "All The Little Things". Stay tuned for updates and news about it!

In the meantime you can listen some tunes from the same album or

Matt Cafissi adds 4 brand new songs/edit from the upcoming "All The Little Things" CD . The new cd will be out in these weeks.
Track details:

Matt Cafissi: guitars | Alberto De Bortoli: bass | Salva Labella: drums | Nicola Tontoli: keyboards

Matt Cafissi: guitars | Alberto De Bortoli: bass | Salva Labella: drums | Alessio Lucatti: keyboards | Riccardo Pardini: acoustic guitars

Matt Cafissi: guitars | Francesco Rossi: bass | Salva Labella: drums | Pardini: acoustic guitars

Matt Cafissi: guitars | Francesco Rossi: bass | Salva Labella: drums | Nicola Tontoli: keyboards | Riccardo Pardini: acoustic guitars

Matt Cafissi's new cd is nearly here... many delays, change of label, the final production, new album-title and new graphics! But now all the works are ready. "All The Little Things" will be out in January 2008 for GC Records.

The new cover for the upcoming CD Saint and Sinner's is looking rather wonderful. The model is Katie Fey (not work friendly). Photo by Voronin / Photo Courtesy of Met Art (not work friendly)).

Matt Cafissi is on MySpace:

The new Matt Cafissi CD, "Saint & Sinner", is in progress for a release Q3, 2007. The titles from the brand new cd: Draw The Line, Chained, Everything U Want, One In A Million, Bring Me Down, Straight To You, Inside Out, Heaven Knows. The band is composed by Francesco Rossi and Alberto De Bortoli on bass, Salva Labella on drums, Alessio Lucatti on keyboards and Riccardo Pardini on acoustic guitars. The CD features special guests:
- Rob Marcello (Danger Danger)
- Alex De Rosso (ex Dokken)
- Giacomo Castellano (Vasco Rossi, Raf)
- Ty Oliver
- Michael Orlando
- Fabio Montorzi (Through The Myst)
- Fabrizio Leo (Ron, Tazenda)
- Steve Saluto
- Riccardo Pardini
- Emiliano Mammini (The Blacklies)
- Gianni Rojatti
- Riccardo Vernaccini
- Lorenzo Di Antonio

Matt Cafissi has a new website. New graphic, design and more cool stuff

This is the old design

Matt also has a MySpace.Com web site where you can listen to some clips, pics, bio

Matt is also at work on new CD which will feature Emiliano Mammini, Francesco Rossi and Salvatore LaBella. For more info about Blacklies please visit their Official Website at

Matt has a new web site design

Matt has reminded me that the "Heat of Emotion" CD also features Andy Timmons, Alex De Rosso and Giacomo Castellano.

Matt's new album "Heat of Emotion" is now available from guitar9

Matt Cafissi started playing quite late, not until the age of 18. He has been strongly influenced by the hard rock genre of Mr Big, Van Halen and Dream Theater

Matt studied music at the "Lizard Institute Of Music", Florence. He focused on new techniques and styles like Jazz, fusion and new age.

Since finishing music training he has set up the successful website and he has released a number of CD's. For a more complete discography look at his new web site. Also check outt his web site for a more detailed biography. Check out his latest release: "Heat Of Emotion" and promo video.


  1. The new Matt Cafissi cd "Heat Of Emotion" featuring great duet with Andy Timmons, Alex De Rosso(Dokken) and Giacomo Castellano(Vasco Rossi).


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