Joy Basu: music from sector 9

Some live dates:
March 15 - Cinespace, Hollywood
March 20 - Vengance, West Covina
March 22 - Aubergine, San Diego - Hosted by Christine Dolce aka Forbidden


Joy Basu lives up to his name, combining guitar with disco beats... and "interesting" supporting dancers... not all bad being a guitar player.

The World is Mine Remix - Joy Basu Live in Long Beach

Joy Basu performs his own remix of Sweet Child O' Mine at Thin n Onyx in San Diego, CA

Sweet Child O' Mine Remix - Joy Basu Live

Some live dates:

JB promo

Sept 14 - Thin/Onyx in San Diego!!!!
Tons of Hi NRG Electro N House with Live GUITARS!! My personal remixes n mashups of Bon Jovi, Gun N Roses, Poison, Zeep, Van Halen, Twisted Sister, Hendrix, along with everything from Benny Benassi to Star Killers to Public Domain n sum originals. This is the lauch party for Organized Chaos and Simple Glam Calander Girls signing party!!! To get on the guestlist e-mail me. This is a red carpet event!!!

Sep 22 - EPIC - LA
Okay all you ravers this is it. Hard N Heavy Trance n House. The stuff that is waaaaaaay to heavy and fast to be played in the LA club scene will be played here. ALL AGES - that's right, bring your kidz, cousins n grandparents!! Not a single "of the rack track" every song in the set is either an original, my personal remix or edit. DJ Steve Chase will be mixing these trax live.

Joy Basu live .... on youtube:'s a sample.

and good worjk if you can get it...

Paul Oakenfold and Britney Murphy - Joy Basu Live

Joy Basu is back with a new live show to freaky fry the electronic shred set:

Plus February, 28 2007 at Dragonfly - Solo Set, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood, California 90046
Cost :

Hard Electronica with Rock Guitars!!! Live DJ all nite - Special performance by Project Steiger.
Joy Basu will also be at NAMM and will be at the Hilton bar 8 PM both Friday and Saturday night.

The brazen Basu boy is back with a bubbling new track "Shock Rawk" on MySpace:

Joy Basu does a guest solo on the Rogosonic CD available from guitar9. The CD, created by Stephen Ross and Ron Cannella also features guest players Rusty Cooley and Toshi Iseda.

Joy put a good clip of a recent clinic (mpg), which I missed.

Joy Basu is a guitarist from North Hollywood, California. He has been on the guitar scene for a long time and his skills have landed him supporting gigs, playing live shows, videos, recording and teaching at L.A. Music Academy. Check out the impressive photo gallery which includes Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez

A summary of his music releases includes:
If you want to find out more about Joy then read the guitar9 interview or check out some of his video clips. You can also pick up some tips by way of his guitar lessons or mp3 files.