Simone Caputo: funking jazzed up fusion

Simon Caputo added a new track to MySpace, entitled Lovers: It has an exotic fusion feel to it... enjoy!

A video I missed, but very thought provoking and some emotional playing over emotive imagery.

how much blood should we pay

Simon Caputo now has his own site online: with lots of music

old web site

Current web site is still under construction, so check out his myspace video:

Simone Caputo has been facinated by music since early infancy. He says it statred whn his mum used to play Chopin and Pink Floyd to him while he was in the womb.
He started his musical journey In infancy by playing drums, bass and keyboards. He got take n by guitar when his father played him some Vinyl from Jimmy Hendrix.

He listened to records from Jimmy Hendrix, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Dave Gilmore and Pink Floyd, Strevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Santana.

Later he listened to Steve Vai, Passion and Warfare and Joe Satriani, The extremist. After this he enrolled at CPM in Milan. FRom there he got into hardrock, heavy funk and some jazz and fusion.

Check out his Myspace web site for music samples.